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Granite characteristics include strength and durability. This unique and elegant natural stone is one of the oldest, hardest, and strongest stones available. Granite is a truly beautiful natural stone with HUNDREDS of colors and patterns to choose from. It exudes strength and longevity... a sleek rich feel.


Granite is widely used for kitchen and bath countertops because of it's ability to withstand a harsh environment. 

Marble has both a scientific and commercial definition.  Scientific marble was once limestone that achieved metamorphosis from intense pressures and high temperatures within the earth.   This altered its crystalline structure and introduced other minerals that produced the valuable colors and veining.  Commercially, any stone capable of taking a polish (with the exception of granite) is known as marble.  This includes travertine, onyx, serpentine and limestone. Marble is found in the mountainous regions of Canada, Italy, Germany, Spain, the U.S., Greece and other countries worldwide.

Manufactured Stone

We carry a wide range of manufactured quartz stone from some of the best suppliers including Cambria, Caesarstone, Dakota, Pompeii, Q Premium Natural Quartz by MSI, Silestone and Zodiak.   

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